The 8th Annual Dover Zombie Walk: Saturday, Oct. 26 at 2 p.m.

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The Dover Zombie Walk returns for an eighth year of shambling good times. Zombies of all ages are welcome to gather at the Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce, 550 Central Ave., on Saturday, Oct. 26 at 2 p.m. The undead horde will march through downtown Dover (while obeying all traffic rules, of course), and end at Adelle’s Coffeehouse, where they’ll feast on Jell-O brains and hold a not-so-gruesome costume contest. Prizes for best costumes for kids and adults! Visit for more info.

Some highlights from last year!


The 6th Annual Dover Zombie Walk – Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011!

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The Dover Zombie Walk returns on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011 at 2pm! Zombies should gather in the parking lot of the Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce on Central Ave.; once we’re all ready to shamble, we’ll begin our terrifying march through town and end at Adelle’s Coffeehouse (3 Hale St., across from City Hall), where we’ll have the usual costume contests and Jell-o brain eating competitions!  Check out our sweet poster, courtesy of Scotty Arsenaul of Commander Kitty!

Other Zombies We Have Known

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There are only 10 days remaining until zombies scuttle, shamble, and skulk through Dover, and here in the Dover Zombie Walk Fast Action Response Bunker (located safely 20 floors below sea level), we’re taking a few moments to recognize the hard work and ravenous appetites of other zombies (and zombie accomplices) we have known.

First up is Patrick Cochran (who you can find on the interwebs here), the righteous dude who designed this year’s bitchin’ Zombie Walk poster. Patrick’s a stand-up guy who apparently can convince pretty ladies to dress up like zombies at the drop of a hat.

No Halloween season in the NH Seacoast would be complete without the Portsmouth Halloween Parade, so please visit their site, make a donation, come to one of their many awesome events, and–most importantly–march in the parade on Oct. 31!

Which next brings us to this year’s Portsmouth Thriller Dance, a slightly more coordinated, musical answer to the Zombie Walk. If you are a zombie and posses any amount of dancing ability, hook up with these folks and get yer MJ on during the Portsmouth Halloween Parade.

And finally, if you, for whatever reason, dislike zombies and would most like to see them truly dead (not just undead), then please join the Manchester Zombie Defense Corps (organized by the dudes at Double Midnight Comics in Manchester). The MZDC will teach you all about killin’ zombies and other important post-apocalyptic tips.

The final version of this year’s Zombie Walk poster will be up soon. Until then, stay hungry.

The 4th Annual Dover Zombie Walk – Sunday, Oct. 25!

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That’s right! Zombies are returning to Dover, NH on Sunday, Oct. 25 at 1pm for the 4th Annual Dover Zombie Walk!

We’ll be meeting in front of Silver Moon Creperie (on Third Street, next to The Strand) starting at 1pm (cider will be available for thirsty zombies); shambling will start once the zombie horde is large enough to terrify all passers by. Much like last year, we’ll be walking down Central Avenue in Dover, waving a passing motorists and demanding a bit of their delicious, tasty brains. Our final destination: Adelle’s Coffee House (on Hale Street, across from City Hall), where we’ll host a brain-eating competition and a costume contest for zombies young and old.

This is an all-ages event (which is part of the reason why we’re shambling about in the afternoon), so feel free to bring your little zombies and zomb-ettes. All we ask is that you obey the traffic laws, etc. etc.

Ready to shamble? Just stop by Silver Moon Creperie on Oct. 25. If you need more info, send us an email at: doverzombiewalk[at] For the latest zombie news, follow us on Twitter @DoverZombieWalk!

Zombies Across America: Asheville Edition

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As we sweep up the last remaining bits of brain matter, leftover entrails and other assorted fleshy parts here at Dover Zombie Walk Central, we’re also scouring the internets for footage of other zombie attacks. Here’s a clip from the recent zombie walk in Asheville, North Carolina; the zombie apocalypse there coincided with a visit from Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who by now must realize that once you lose the zombie vote, you’ve lost America.

(Linked from Ashvegas – thanks, Ash!)

Actual Zombie Footage, Part 1

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Where were you when the zombie horde invaded Dover? If you were smart, you stayed inside, grabbed a shotgun and readied yourself for imminent attack. But that means you also missed the Dover Zombie Walk! We ask that you now live vicariously through this video, provided by Scott Arsenault. Somehow, Mr. Arsenault managed to snap a few photos, too, before he was consumed by the zombie mob.

We’re still in the process of collecting pictures and video, and more should be up later this week.

A Cadaverous Success!

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Thanks to the multitude of zombies, ghouls, and other creatures of the undead for making the third annual Dover Zombie Walk a cadaverous, corpsetacular success! We had close to 100 people turn out for the walk and proceed to shamble through downtown before storming Adelle’s Coffee House and feasting on the delicious (Jell-O) brains inside.

Our shennanigans even attracted the attention of the local media, and an account of the zombie invasion can be read in Foster’s Daily Democrat.

Photos, video and other records of the Dover zombie apocalypse will be forthcoming, once we gather everything together and reattach that pesky arm that keeps falling off.

Once again, huge zombie-thanks to our awesome sponsors, Silver Moon Creperie, Adelle’s Coffee House, Nellie Woe’s Comics ‘N Such, The Barley Pub and SecondRun Books, all of whom will be on the shortlist for entry into our anti-zombie survival bunker when the inevitable zombie invasion finally occurs.