A Cadaverous Success!

Thanks to the multitude of zombies, ghouls, and other creatures of the undead for making the third annual Dover Zombie Walk a cadaverous, corpsetacular success! We had close to 100 people turn out for the walk and proceed to shamble through downtown before storming Adelle’s Coffee House and feasting on the delicious (Jell-O) brains inside.

Our shennanigans even attracted the attention of the local media, and an account of the zombie invasion can be read in Foster’s Daily Democrat.

Photos, video and other records of the Dover zombie apocalypse will be forthcoming, once we gather everything together and reattach that pesky arm that keeps falling off.

Once again, huge zombie-thanks to our awesome sponsors, Silver Moon Creperie, Adelle’s Coffee House, Nellie Woe’s Comics ‘N Such, The Barley Pub and SecondRun Books, all of whom will be on the shortlist for entry into our anti-zombie survival bunker when the inevitable zombie invasion finally occurs.


~ by doverzombiewalk on October 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “A Cadaverous Success!”

  1. when can we expect to see pictures of zombie walk 2008?

  2. Very, very soon! In fact, as soon as we get our decayed, rotting hands on the photos. We suspect this will happen any day now…but as soon as we get them, they will be up on the internets in all their terrible, dessicated glory.

  3. I have some photos I took here;

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